I - Three Centuries of Harpsichord

by Judith Larsen

Program I features samples from three different instruments tuned historically correctly. Find out when and where the instruments developed, with music samples performed on three different harpsichords: An Italian 17th century style in mean tone tuning, A Flemish later 17th century style in Kirnberger’s 3rd temperament, and a French Pascal Taskin 18th century style in equal temperament.

Works by Gabrieli, Byrd, Purcell, Rameau, and Scarlatti

Program I - Three Centuries of Harpsichord

Download Music Commentary - a PDF script for the entire musical journey -- all programs including music


Download Music Only (Part 1) - music only

Download Music Only (Part 2) - music only


Download Full Program (Part 1)music including commentary

Download Full Program (Part 2)music including commentary